XTool iCloud Removal Windows (Auto Plist Reader) Free Tool

XTool iCloud Removal Windows (Auto Plist Reader) Free

XTool iCloud Removal Windows (Auto Plist Reader) Free Tool

To prevent illegal access to iOS devices, Apple introduced the iCloud Activation Lock. Even though it successfully deters theft, users who lose their Apple ID login details or purchase a used iPhone with an active Activation Lock may occasionally encounter difficulties. In these circumstances, iCloud removal software like XTool iCloud Removal Windows can be useful.

Understanding iCloud Activation Lock:

Apple has added the anti-theft function known as iCloud Activation Lock to iOS devices running iOS 7 or later. The user must input the related Apple ID and password when this feature is activated to prevent unauthorised access to the device. This makes sure that the personal data is safeguarded even if the device is stolen or lost.

However, there are some circumstances in which consumers might have trouble using the Activation Lock. For instance, the device may become virtually worthless if the user forgets their Apple ID login information or buys a used device without receiving the required login information. In these circumstances, people frequently look for ways to work around or disable the Activation Lock using specialised software.


iCloud Removal XTool Windows is a free tool made exclusively for Windows users to unlock their iOS devices’ iCloud Activation Lock. It provides a simple and user-friendly answer that enables people to unlock their devices without using the original Apple ID or password. The tool is well-known for being user-friendly, effective, and compatible with a variety of iOS devices.


  • Simple XTool iCloud Removal Interface Windows has a user-friendly interface that makes removing your iCloud account simple. Even anyone with a minimal level of technological expertise can use the tool with ease.
  • The procedure of reading and analysing the device’s property list (plist) file is automated by the Auto Plist Reader feature of XTool iCloud Removal Windows. This enables the tool to compile the information required to get around the iCloud Activation Lock.
  • iCloud Removal XTool Windows makes use of the information acquired to go through the iCloud Activation Lock, giving consumers access to their devices once more. Users can avoid the pain of calling Apple support or looking for alternative difficult techniques thanks to this functionality.
  • XTool iCloud Removal Windows, as the name suggests, is created especially for Windows-based operating systems. Because it works with different Windows versions, users have extensive access to it.
  • Free Tool Users may easily remove the iCloud Activation Lock with the help of the free tool XTool iCloud Removal Windows without having to spend money on pricey alternatives

How to Use:

The process of using XTool iCloud Removal Windows is simple. For instructions on how to unlock your iOS device, see below:

  • Download and install XTool  as the first step. Windows
    Install the XTool iCloud Windows utility by first downloading it from the official website. Install it on your Windows PC by following the instructions after downloading it.
  • Utilise a USB cord to link your locked iOS device to the computer. Make sure you have a solid internet connection for the duration of the procedure.
  • Third step: turn on the auto Plist Reader
    Open the XTool iCloud Removal Windows application and switch on the Auto Plist Reader feature. By doing this, the tool will be able to collect the required data from your device’s plist file.
  • Remove the Auto Activation Lock on iCloud


With the help of XTool Auto Plist Reader for Windows, It is easy to remove the Activation Lock from the iPhone and iPad swiftly. You can enjoy the ease of returning accessibility to the Apple iPhone and say hello to the anxiety of being shut out.

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