Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool | Full Latest New Function

Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool | Full Latest

Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool | Full Latest New Function

Powerful software called the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool is used to examine and decipher activation plist files for iOS devices. This tool will give you helpful insights into the information in activation plists if you are unfamiliar with them. This programme’s most recent version, V3.2.00, adds new capabilities and improvements, making it a crucial tool for experts handling iOS device activation.

Understanding Activation Plists:

Property lists and activation plists are XML-based files used by iOS devices to activate software. Important details about device activation, including activation status, device setup, carrier settings, and more, are contained in these plists. These plists can be examined by researchers, technicians, and developers to learn more about how the device is activated and to solve any associated problems.

How do activation plists work?

An activation plist file is created when an iOS device is activated by the system, and it stores and organises pertinent information regarding the activation procedure. Users can comprehend different aspects of the activation, including network settings, device identifiers, activation time, and more, thanks to the structured information in this file. The analysis of these plists is made easier by the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool, making it usable even by those with only a basic understanding of technology.


For professionals dealing with iOS devices and activation plists, using the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool has various advantages. The following are some benefits of using this tool effective and efficient
By streamlining activation plist analysis, the Activation Plist Reader V3.2.00 Tool helps you save time and effort. The programme automates the extraction of pertinent information, saving you the time of manually interpreting complicated XML files and giving you a brief overview of the activation procedure .assistance with troubleshooting and debugging
This tool might be a helpful resource for troubleshooting and debugging when dealing with activation-related problems. You can find possible flaws or inconsistencies that can be hampering the activation process by looking over the activation plist data. You can address problems more successfully thanks to this realisation.

Key Features:

Information from Device:

  • This feature allows users access to valuable information from their Apple devices. You can easily obtain reliable and accurate data, whether it is the device model, firmware version, or serial number.

Information from the Plist File

  • The tool allows users to analyze Plist files and extract specific information. This gives them insights into device settings, preferences, and configurations. This feature is especially helpful for troubleshooting iOS devices and understanding their inner workings.

Check the Network Lock and Carrier at 100%:

  • The Activation List Reader has been updated to provide enhanced functionality for verifying network locks and carrier information. This feature will ensure you receive the correct data and can accurately determine network compatibility.

Read the Plist of IMEI:

  • This tool lets you read Plists directly from an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This function allows users to easily access device information without requiring access to the actual device.

You can read the Plist on your device:

  • This feature allows users to extract Plist files from connected Apple devices. These files can help you better understand your device’s settings and configuration, allowing for more effective diagnostics and troubleshooting.

You can check your iCloud status for free, unlimited times.

  • The Activation Plist Reader is a free and unlimited service that allows you to check iCloud status on any device. This feature is very useful in determining if a device has been linked to an iCloud Account, which can be crucial during the activation.

What’s New In Version 3.2?

Version 3.2 of the Activation List Reader introduces several enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements, ensuring a robust and efficient user experience. This version includes the following key changes:

Add Network Lock and Carrier Data 100% Correct:

  • This feature improves the tool’s ability to verify network locks and information about carriers accurately. The tool will now provide reliable data to ensure an improved activation process.

Fixed Data Verification Fail:

  • This update addresses and resolves previous issues relating to data verification. Users can expect an accurate and reliable analysis of device data.

Win7 Service Pack 1, Improved Execution:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 user will benefit from a simple interface thanks to improved support and speed.

Fix any bugs, and make it run smoothly:

  • The developers worked diligently to find and fix all bugs in the previous versions. The tool is now more stable, smoother, and provides consistent results.

How do I use Activation Plist Reader?

Activation Plist Reader can be used in a very simple way. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1. Download the Activation List Reader – Windows Tool Version 3.2.
  • Step 2 Install the tool on your Windows Computer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Step 3 Connect your iDevice with your computer and make sure your device is on the home screen.
  • Step 4 Launch the Activation List Reader tool
  • Step 5: Click on “Token” on the welcome screen.
  • Step 6:Wait until the tool reads the activation data of the device.
  • Step 8:Once you see the activation data on the screen, there is no need for further action.

This is so easy! The Activation List Reader Windows Tool version 3.2 has been designed to be easy to use, making it accessible to both novices and experienced users.


The Activation Plist Reader Tool provides a one-stop solution for collecting device data, analysing Plists, and examining carrier and network locks thanks to its robust features. The most recent revisions in version 3.2 might improve the precision, dependability, and effectiveness of activation. Any iOS lover or developer will find great value in this tool, which offers the knowledge required to handle Apple devices.

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